Delivery and after-sales service

We’re set up to make things easy for you – from the test ride onwards we come to you free of charge. We’ll deliver the bike to your home or workplace and if you have any problems during the warranty period we’ll come and sort them out. If it’s a simple mechanical problem your local bike shop may be an easier option, but if it’s under warranty we’ll cover the cost.


As we stock high quality e-bikes warrantees are generally longer than the statutory minimum. Here are the details by manufacturer.


Stormer specific components are guaranteed as follows

ST1: 2 years
ST2: 2 years
ST2 S: 3 years

Irrespective of model:

Frame:  3 years
Paint: 3 years
Battery: 75% of capacity within 2 years

All other components are guaranteed for 1 year.

For full Stromer warranty details see:


Frame: 5 years
Electrical components: 2 years (includes the motor and battery)
All other components: 1 year


Frame: 3 years
Components: 2 years
Battery: 1 year

Excluded from warranty are wear and consumable items such as tires, brake pads, natural aging and corrosion of surfaces and colours or components and any normal wear and tear

For full Gocycle warranty details see: