25 January 2017

Propeller Bikes retail opens

New website, new venture.

It could be risky starting a new blog with a prediction, though 2017 does look like it could be the year when electric bikes really take off in the UK – the tea leaves are aligning. So to build on our track record in the commercial sector and better show Londoners how great it is traveling around town by e-bike, we’re getting into the retail market – in a way that reflects the way everyone shops now.

Our hybrid store combines online browsing with the personal service of a local bike shop… but one where the shop comes to you. This is how it works:

> You decide which bikes you like the look of online and then book a test ride.

> We’ll go through the options with you and then bring over a bike (or bikes) for you to try out, with no obligation.

As you’ll see from the map we operate primarily in north and west London, but if you’re not too far from our Chalk Farm base, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.



Young woman and man riding Stromer ST1 electric bikes

22 February 2017

Electric bikes are for old people… aren’t they?

Some people think an e-bike is just like a normal bike except you don’t do much work – good for dodgy knees. Here’s what it’s really like riding an e-bike in London Electric bikes are essentially standard bikes with a battery and motor which gives you assistance as you pedal, which is why they are treated legally like a regular bike (except you…

Riding on an electric bike through Trafalgar Square, London

28 February 2017

Riding an electric bike in London

Some things that e-bikes really make easier Ten or fifteen years ago it was pretty much just commuters on road bikes and couriers on fixies who felt brave enough to ride London’s roads. Why? Because they had the speed to compete for space. Things are better now because of new infrastructure and the growing numbers of bikes have…